Prattsville Wastewater Treatment Facility



“The collection and treatment of domestic sewage and wastewater is vital to public health and clean water. It is among the most important factors responsible for the general level of good health enjoyed in the United States. Sewers collect sewage and wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries and deliver it to wastewater treatment facilities before it is discharged to water bodies or land or reused” (Environmental Protection Agency, “National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)”, 24 July 2023,

The Prattsville wastewater treatment facility was built in 2007 to serve the Prattsville sewer district. There are approximately 205 Residential and 72 Non- Residential connections. Through a series of underground piping and pump stations, the Sanitary Sewer collection system brings wastewater to the Treatment Plant for processing. As the wastewater enters the treatment plant the water is screened for large rags and debris. Further treatment and settling (Primary and Secondary Treatment) are provided by a Sequence Batch Reactor. After the Primary and Secondary Treatment, a series of tertiary equipment (sand filters and microfilters) are used to refine the water before Ultraviolet disinfection. After the disinfection process, the now very clean water enters the Schoharie Creek.

SBR and Sand Filter Room.png       MIcrofiltration Room.png  TIm Road Pump Station.jpg 

SBR and Sand Filter Room                           Microfiltration Room                                      Timm Road Pump Station                                                                            Main Pump Station



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Sewer Plant

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Chief Operator Dave Whitbeck
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Assistant Cheif Operator Travis Castle

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